Hi, I'm Brian!

I come from a long family history in the Construction Industry. I grew up around Asphalt Paving. That Lil Dude in the picture…that’s me!

Today I’m Asphalt Pavement Maintenance & Repair Advisor to…


  • Commercial R/E Owners & Asset Management Teams

  • Commercial, Industrial & Retail R/E Brokers

  • Multi-Family Housing Property Managers & Maintenance Service Project Managers

The fastest way to get in touch:

Phone: (951) 833-6565

Email: brian@prestigecompany.net

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(Absolutely No Obligation…I Never Assume I’m The Right Fit To Assist You…Every Project Is Different And I’m Happy To Refer You In Another Direction If I Feel Your Project Requires More Than What We Can Provide).

Start to Finish, We Go Beyond What Is Expected!

My team and I are in the trenches every day seeing that everyone of our customers get the job done right and make your job easier

The Irvine Company Calls On Us Again and Again…

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~ Brian Beckner, Manager 

Prestige Paving & Striping Company

~Phone: (951) 833-6565  ~Email: brian@prestigecompany.net